How to Give Your Realtor AND Your Parents Ulcers When Buying Your First Home

5 Apr

How to Give Your Parents Ulcers When Buying Your First Home

As a home mortgage specialist I get a lot of requests for home-buying advice.  One thing that still haunts me from my pre-mortgage days as a full time Realtor was first time home buyers bringing their parents to look at “The ONE!”  Here’s what I mean…

A young couple would get pre-approved, decide what their dream home would be like, pick out from the available homes for sale.  Into the car we’d jump!  2 days, 4 hours, 16 minutes and 42 houses later we would find THE ONE!  The PERFECT house, new on the market, priced right, BINGO!

It was at that point that the excited, and somewhat terrified, home buyers would say those words that will strike fear into even the most icy-veined Realtors alive… “I’d like to get my parents’ opinion before we make an offer.”  Crash.  And.  Burn.

The poor parents, who have NOT seen the other 41 dumps, and who haven’t purchased a home for 15 years, then get dragged out to look at said cream-puff at 9pm on a Saturday night in April…  And what do you suppose they say with nothing to compare the house to, and not having a clue what houses are selling for since they bought theirs in 1988? 

You guessed it!  Scared to death to give their stamp of approval for fear of “helping” little

The One

Mom, Dad! I think we found "THE ONE!"

Alex and Bethany make the worst decision of their life, they say…  “Seems like for $X you should be able to get a nicer place than THIS…”

Now Alex and Bethany have got a heckofa quandry on their hands!  Buy what they KNOW is a great house at a great price AGAINST Mom and Dad’s advice (and have to suffer the “I told you so’s” for the rest of their lives), or go on looking, knowing that this IS their house…

Don’t let that happen to you!  If you’re going to rely on someone’s advice other than your own, GET THEM IN THE CAR from day one!  You will thank me.  Your Realtor will thank me.  And YES, they will thank you.  It’s not fair to put them in the situation of asking for their blessing without having seen the other 41 houses just like you!

When you’re ready to get your first, or your next, home in Indiana, I’d be honored to help you with the financing.  Please contact me!  I will take great care of you and treat your money as if it were my own!

To your abundant (house-hunting) success, 

-Chris Sanderson, Tech Savvy Lender

P.S.  For God’s sake if you made it this far at least leave a comment so that I know my fingers aren’t bleeding for nothing!


2 Responses to “How to Give Your Realtor AND Your Parents Ulcers When Buying Your First Home”

  1. Son Huynh - Realtor April 5, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    I recently had a similar situation. I showed the whole family the top 3 houses and ultimate decision was easy.


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