Real Estate Agent Review Sites – Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

22 Apr

Real Estate Agent Review Sites – Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

“Hey, I recognize you….  Help me with your name again, please,” says Blake from Top Producer. “Son Huynh, Realtor in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” replies Son.  **Big smile from Blake** “Sure, I know you, you’re the #1 recommended agent in Indiana!  I use you as an example in all my presentations to real estate offices around the Midwest.” 

That’s when the reality of social proof and real estate agent review sites hit me… HARD.  First off I was very happy for and proud of my friend Son.  Next, I quick pulled out my Kodak Zi-8 to capture this moment!

Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

Again, congrats to Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana on real estate agent review site IncredibleAgents.  Would you help me recognize Son’s accomplishment?  Consider tweeting this or sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn.  I’d love to see the look on his face if we can get him to the top of not only IncredibleAgents, but of Google as well!  Good karma coming your way!  🙂

In his post You Are the MP3 – Would I Download You, Chris Smith, of Tech Savvy Agent fame, stunned me with this:

“Think about Ebay and for a moment. These are 2 of the largest e-commerce sites on the web and what is happening at the simplest level is that people are buying things from people that they do not know based 100% on the opinions/reviews of other people that they do not know.”  – Chris Smith


WOW!  I was a believer when I read the post, but after witnessing what happened with Son Huynh and Blake Morris, I’m completely SOLD.  If we’re not asking for customer reviews on real estate agent review sites, on LinkedIn, on Facified, on Yelp, on Google Places, we’re missing the boat!  To give you an example, when people see my LinkedIn profile they find 30 people saying that I’m a stand-up guy.  Powerful?  You bet!  Can’t tell you how many loans I’ve written because of those 30 recommendations!

You Are the MP3So, first give Son some kudos by sharing this post, liking it, tweeting, etc.  Next, show some love by leaving a quick comment below. And finally, check out You Are the MP3


Start TODAY to develop your online reputation, your personal brand, your Klout.  Call it what you will, it’s here.  Either ride the wave or get crushed on the coral below.  See you on top!


2 Responses to “Real Estate Agent Review Sites – Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana”

  1. Kevin Mullett April 22, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    It’s always nice to see good people win accolades like this. Son is defiantly “good people!” I have had the pleasure of speaking with Son on multiple occasions and always enjoy bumping into him, online or offline.

  2. Nick Harter April 22, 2011 at 8:15 am #

    Way to go Son! How awesome that you are making it happen in Fort Wayne!

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