Fort Wayne Showcase Day 4 – Craig “Idea Volcano” Crook and TEDx Fort Wayne

4 May

Fort Wayne Showcase Day 4 – Craig “Idea Volcano” Crook and TEDx Fort Wayne

Thanks to Craig Crook, May 14th will be an exciting and inspiring day for fans of technology, thought leadership, innovation, and design right here in little ‘ol Fort Wayne, Indiana!  Check it out!  🙂


That’s right, TEDx is coming to Fort Wayne! 

 TEDx Fort Wayne

To see the speaker line-up, the schedule, and learn how to get one of the few remaining tickets (TEDx limits our first event to 100 audience members!) head on over to right about now!

As if Craig’s never-ending flow of ideas isn’t impressive enough, who else do you know with a castle name after him???  That’s right, behold Craigcrook Castle!  No joke!

Craigcrook Castle

Craigcrook Castle



 New Media CartelNow let’s talk New Media Cartel.  Craig’s latest venture, New Media Cartel is dedicated to “Using tools and methods from Lean, Six Sigma and other scientific management practices to develop a streamlined process that can scale to even the most complex projects.”  I’m pretty sure that’s geek-speak for “We do really cool stuff efficiently using the internet and other social media thingamajiggers.”  Ok, maybe not.  Go ahead and check out New Media Cartel’s impressive list of services to see for yourself!

Oh…. Did I mention that Craig is ALSO the President of the TQM Network…  Well, that’s another post altogether!

On a serious note, I’m proud to call Craig a friend.  Fort Wayne is lucky to have a bright guy with enormous energy and talent like Craig! 

About the author:

I’m Chris Sanderson, Fort Wayne’s own “Tech Savvy Lender,” with Ruoff Home Mortgage.  As a life-long resident of Fort Wayne I continue to be amazed by the hidden treasures right under our noses.

When it’s time to get a mortgage in Fort Wayne please call me! 

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