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Real Estate Agent Review Sites – Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

22 Apr

Real Estate Agent Review Sites – Congrats Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

“Hey, I recognize you….  Help me with your name again, please,” says Blake from Top Producer. “Son Huynh, Realtor in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” replies Son.  **Big smile from Blake** “Sure, I know you, you’re the #1 recommended agent in Indiana!  I use you as an example in all my presentations to real estate offices around the Midwest.” 

That’s when the reality of social proof and real estate agent review sites hit me… HARD.  First off I was very happy for and proud of my friend Son.  Next, I quick pulled out my Kodak Zi-8 to capture this moment!

Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana

Again, congrats to Son Huynh, #1 Agent in Indiana on real estate agent review site IncredibleAgents.  Would you help me recognize Son’s accomplishment?  Consider tweeting this or sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn.  I’d love to see the look on his face if we can get him to the top of not only IncredibleAgents, but of Google as well!  Good karma coming your way!  🙂

In his post You Are the MP3 – Would I Download You, Chris Smith, of Tech Savvy Agent fame, stunned me with this:

“Think about Ebay and for a moment. These are 2 of the largest e-commerce sites on the web and what is happening at the simplest level is that people are buying things from people that they do not know based 100% on the opinions/reviews of other people that they do not know.”  – Chris Smith


WOW!  I was a believer when I read the post, but after witnessing what happened with Son Huynh and Blake Morris, I’m completely SOLD.  If we’re not asking for customer reviews on real estate agent review sites, on LinkedIn, on Facified, on Yelp, on Google Places, we’re missing the boat!  To give you an example, when people see my LinkedIn profile they find 30 people saying that I’m a stand-up guy.  Powerful?  You bet!  Can’t tell you how many loans I’ve written because of those 30 recommendations!

You Are the MP3So, first give Son some kudos by sharing this post, liking it, tweeting, etc.  Next, show some love by leaving a quick comment below. And finally, check out You Are the MP3


Start TODAY to develop your online reputation, your personal brand, your Klout.  Call it what you will, it’s here.  Either ride the wave or get crushed on the coral below.  See you on top!

Top Secret Mortgage Payment Calculator

16 Apr

Top Secret Mortgage Payment Calculator

After many years as a mortgage loan originator I was frustrated by how difficult it was to quickly give a Realtor or a home buyer an accurate estimate of the money they would need for closing.  Sure, we all have access to mortgage payment calculators, but that won’t tell you how much you’ll need for closing, the difference between lender-paid closing costs, interest rates, etc.  Furthermore, I could not easily email or print out samples from a mortgage payment calculator. 

Soooooooo, I came up with a fabulous idea, if I do say so myself!  It tested every “tech savvy lender” bone in my body, but I developed my top secret mortgage payment calculator!  Watch the video to see it in glorious action!

What do you think?  How cool is that!?!  Realtors and borrower alike were shocked to see how effortlessly I could accurately estimate their monthly payments and money needed to close, etc.  Within 2 minutes this top secret mortgage payment calculator can knock out what loan origination software used to take 15 minutes to do.  Who wants to wait around 15 minutes????  Not me.  Not you.  Not my borrowers.  And certainly not the Realtors I deal with.

Attention Realtors and home buyers in northeast Indiana: Why not program my name and phone # in your cell phone so you can call me to get a quick sample?

Chris Sanderson, Tech Savvy Lender
Ruoff Home Mortgage, Fort Wayne, Indiana

First Blockbuster, then Borders… Don’t YOU Be Next!

13 Apr

First Blockbuster, then Borders…  Don’t YOU Be Next!

Here’s the deal, my Realtor and real estate friends…  Video is not going away. Ignore it at your own peril.  No joke.  You don’t want to go the way of Borders and Blockbuster! 

The shocking facts:  Over 75% of your listing prospects (that’s home sellers!) would prefer to list their home with an agent who is using video marketing!  But less than 25% of Realtors actually do use video! 

Heck, I’m a LENDER and I’m using video.  Here’s one of the ways:

Register Now!

Yes, you were right on that one:  Beanie Babies were a fad!  The Snuggie, uh-huh!  But video?  Absolutely, positively HERE TO STAY. Let go of whatever fear you have, get out of your comfort zone and start shooting video of you, your listings, your clients, your buyers, heck, your dog if you want!  But you’ve got to start using video or the tech savvy Realtors are going to eat you for lunch. 

Ancient phone

Admit it! You swore you'd never have a cell phone! 🙂

Even if you’re not in Fort Wayne, Indiana, check out this invitation for yet ANOTHER idea on just how powerful video is, and where you can use it!  It’s for an upcoming FREE class for Realtors – YouTube  101.   YouTube 101 CC pic

For more Realtor marketing, home buying and refinancing tips, please head over to  🙂

To your abundant success,

Chris Sanderson

Best Kept Realtor Secret on Facebook!

16 Mar

You’re going to love me for this one, folks! I can’t believe how few have found this little-known, but ridiculously powerful, way to use Facebook!

top secretRemember, please, I make these videos to help you grow your business, but I make my living doing mortgage loans in Indiana!  🙂  Please consider referring your next client my way.  Thanks in advance.

-Chris Sanderson

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Attracting Referrals Through Authenticity – Know ==> Like ==> Trust ==> Referral

8 Mar

Kicking, coercing, cajoling, nudging, pushing, pleading…  For years now I’ve been attempting to get struggling Realtors and lenders to understand this simple, yet profound, truth:

People will not refer you until they know you, like you and trust you.  Period.


Know Like Trust Referrals

But I send them a postcard every month!  The post office thanks you!

But I sponsor their son’s little league team!  You are a wonderful philanthropist.

But my average days on the market is 80 days less than X Realtor!  Your marketing plan must be excellent.

Do your prospects KNOW YOU – the REAL you?  Not that you work for Re/Max and drive a Cadillac.  Not that you have bus huts out by the mall.  Not that you won black diamond producer of the century.  Do they know YOU – the YOU that is a mother, a father, a church volunteer?  The YOU that has insecurities about your bald spot and your bushy eyebrows?  The YOU that is mentoring the kid across the street.  The YOU that is into hair bands and gardening.  People cannot connect with us until they know us, not some facade of a person who we think we SHOULD be, but a transparent human being packed with good and bad, hopes and dreams, fears, etc.  In other words…  A person just like all of us!

Now, if they do know you…  and you’re a real jerk, that’s probably not going to help!  As my Realtor friend Jared Chistiansen said, “If you’re a jerk in real life, you’re probably going to be a jerk on Facebook!”  Here’s a guy that’s crushing it bigtime, not through some fancy marketing campaign but by being who is to the core!  He’s got a bit of a potty mouth (okay, a LOT).  He doesn’t like crowds.  He is addicted to Facebook.  And you know what, because he doesn’t try to hide all that and be someone he’s not, people LOVE him and want to do business with him and send their friends his way.  Why?  Authenticity.  Transparency!  You go, Jared!

Now that people KNOW you, AND they LIKE YOU, do they actually TRUST you?  Don’t you know LOTS of Realtors and even more lenders?  God knows I do!  Many of them I LIKE a lot.  They make me laugh.  They’re super-friendly when I see them down at Club Soda or the gym.  Some of them are doing a lot of business.  But guess what, a few of them I don’t TRUST…  So, no bid-ness for you!  Question:  Why in the world would I risk my hard-earned reputation by sending a friend to someone I don’t trust 100%?  Answer:  I wouldn’t!

Eric Qualman, in Social Media Revolution 2, makes this staggering claim:

“78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.  Only 14% trust advertisements.” 

Friends, that is BEYOND staggering.  What it means is this: The highly marketed, well-positionned, glossy Realtor or lender of the past who relied on marketing and advertising is going the way of the dinosaur.  In fact, let’s call them Realtorsauruses and Loan Offisauruses!  Bye, bye.

The age of transparency is upon us, here and now!  If you lack character and have been relying on sales “tactics” rather than character –  You know, the ABCs “Always be closing,” alternative of choice close, etc, your days are numbered.  If you’ve been able to keep your funnel full based on advertising and Bus Huts the sun is setting on you. 

Go to the mirror right now, look directly into your own eyes, and ask yourself, “Am I the type of Realtor that I would be excited to do business with?  Does my true character alone attract the people to me that will allow me to live the life I’ve imagined?”  If so, congratulations!  Success may have eluded you to this point, but it will soon come to rest gently upon your shoulder. 

Now go confidently into the marketplace and let your true self shine through, knowing that success is close at hand.  People will soon know you, like you, and trust you. 

If you are looking for a mortgage lender that you can know, like and trust, and who will make you shine for your customers like no other, I’m your guy!  Tech Savvy Lender Chris Sanderson.  You can find me at Ruoff Mortgage in Fort Wayne, IN  260.414.3511 or or on the web as Tech Savvy Lender on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Let’s connect authentically.

Facebook 101 – How to Post a Link on Your Fan or Business Page

25 Feb

My friend Son Huynh asked me to help him put a post on his new fan page wall, so I made him this quick video.  Hope it helps you, too.

Standing Tech Savvy Lender

Chris Sanderson, Tech Savvy Lender

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The Key to Networking Like the Pros – It May Surprise You!

18 Feb

Do you ever get nervous at networking events?  Meeting new people?  Would you like to go into these situations with quiet confidence and leave them feeling certain you made a positive impression?  In this video I try my best to share the attitude that has worked so well for me and Son Huynh in growing my circle of influence, both online and offline.

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Realtor Marketing – How can You Distinguish Yourself to Buyers?

15 Feb

Keynotes and public speaking on Realtor social media marketingIf this helps you, please consider helping me by joining us Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or sharing this post in one form or another.  Comments always warm my heart (and help YOUR Google ranking I might add!). 

Happy selling!

People! Ask for the Sale! Nicely, Gently, but ASK!

9 Feb

Why not increase your income from 5-15% by following this one simple bit of advice.  Here’s how it worked for me, and will work for you, too!

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It’s Social Media, not Anti-Social Media! Don’t Just Eat the Meatballs.

7 Feb

This one will be a game-changer for a few of you who watch this video!  If you’ve been asking yourself the question, “Why don’t I get any business online?” you may to look at “social media” in a whole new way.  This video’ll show you how.

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