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Stand Guard at the Door to Your Mind!

15 Dec

lighthouseWhen light enters a dark room where does the darkness go? It’s gone, instantly. But not very far!!! Yes, we need to remember that in the absence of light the darkness will come back. But the answer is not to celebrate the darkness, to wallow in it, to fear it. The answer is to bring more light.  Newton, CT is darkness.  Who will be the light?

Please consider:  For every deranged murderer there are a thousand beautiful souls doing a million amazing, beautiful, selfless, astounding, loving gestures that go largely unreported. Truth is, selflessness and service rarely glue folks to their TV. They just don’t sell much advertising. They barely make a blip on Nielsen ratings. But they do change the world in a very real way.

We must each STAND GUARD at the door to our mind!  We are each in charge of how much darkness we let in, how we allow it to color or view of the world, and whether we use it as a brake or a gas pedal in our lives.

So yes, let’s take a minute and let our hearts break for the shattered families and communities. But let’s next take an hour to appreciate all the beautiful souls. Notice them. Applaud them. Focus on them. Rejoice in them. And BE one of them. Why not BE THE CHANGE?

I invite you to CELEBRATE someone who is making the world a brighter place?  Either in the comments below, or in a post of your own, celebrate who has helped YOU?   Who has made YOUR community a better place?  Who has renewed or reconfirmed your faith in the human race?  Please give them some love below!

Please be the change you wish to see in the world…

Chris Sanderson

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