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Teeter Totters, Closing Costs, and Refinancing

18 Dec

Teeter Totters, Closing Costs, and Refinancing

“I’m shopping around…  What’s your rate?”

We have a special right now – 11.5%.  Would you like me to go ahead and lock you in?  That usually gets a good laugh, breaks the ice, and allows me to start asking some thought-provoking questions.  There’s a lot more to giving really top-notch financial advice than just quoting interest rates.  Check out the video to learn more.

Would you feel comfortable introducing the people you care about that may need my help to me?

If so, the next time you are in a conversation and someone you care about mentions refinancing, would you feel comfortable introducing them to me?

If so, put my cell number in your phone right now.  260-414-3511.  The next time people you care about are talking refinancing in Indiana, take out your phone, look me up and call me immediately so we can make a plan for you to introduce them to me.  They’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Chris Sanderson
Tech Savvy Lender
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Is Your Bank Stealing Your Money While You’re At Biaggi’s Drinking Beer?

17 Dec

Last night I went to Biaggi’s for a few TGIF celebratory beers.  A very, very intelligent friend of mine let me know he was frustrated that he “couldn’t refinance because he had a 2nd mortgage.”  SAY WHAT?  That was news to me as I’ve helped over 100 of my clients refinance WITH 2nd mortgages and/or HELOCs.

4.99% is what he is currently paying on his $360,000 mortgage.  Turns out he had called his bank (Fifth Third) regarding refinancing and according to my friend, he has told that it wouldn’t be possible due to the 2nd mortgage.  Not the value of the home mind you, but the 2nd mortgage…  When I told him I had helped tons of people refinance that were in his situation he got a little miffed!  “Why would they tell me it wouldn’t be possible if it is?” he asked.  Do you suppose your bank would prefer to have you paying them back 4.99% or 3.875%?  He just stared at me – looked like someone had punched him in the gut!  He pulled out his business card and said “Call me on my cell Monday morning!”

I can’t speak for Fifth Third’s or any other bank’s motivation but I can tell you this:  If you’re sitting on a 4.99% $360,000 mortgage we need to talk!  STAT!  You cannot make wise financial decisions without clearly understanding your options.”  By the way, the difference in the first year is $4,046.40 (1.124% x $360,000).  Would you like to have the four grand or would you like the bank to keep the four grand?  LOL.  Call me!

Bank Stealing Money?

For my friend, we will likely be refinancing his first mortgage from 4.99% down to 4.125% with ZERO closing costs.  Or perhaps we’ll refinance to 3.875% with $2,200 in closing costs.  Both OPTIONS are available.  Again, it pays to know you have options!  If you’re curious about how this works see my video

If you would like some friendly, fast, professional advice regarding your finances, specifically your mortgage debt, I would like to offer my assistance.  As I always tell my clients:  After asking you some thought-provoking questions, if I believe I can help you I will let you know.  If doing business together does not make financial sense for BOTH of us, then I will let you know that I cannot help.  It always makes me laugh to see how surprised people are when I tell them that their best bet is just to stick with the loan they have!  If I can help I will.  If I can’t I’ll tell you I can’t and why.   Fair enough?

Pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and let’s see if you can save $4,000 next year, too!  My direct line is (260) 414-3511.

Here’s to your financial success!

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