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First Blockbuster, then Borders… Don’t YOU Be Next!

13 Apr

First Blockbuster, then Borders…  Don’t YOU Be Next!

Here’s the deal, my Realtor and real estate friends…  Video is not going away. Ignore it at your own peril.  No joke.  You don’t want to go the way of Borders and Blockbuster! 

The shocking facts:  Over 75% of your listing prospects (that’s home sellers!) would prefer to list their home with an agent who is using video marketing!  But less than 25% of Realtors actually do use video! 

Heck, I’m a LENDER and I’m using video.  Here’s one of the ways:

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Yes, you were right on that one:  Beanie Babies were a fad!  The Snuggie, uh-huh!  But video?  Absolutely, positively HERE TO STAY. Let go of whatever fear you have, get out of your comfort zone and start shooting video of you, your listings, your clients, your buyers, heck, your dog if you want!  But you’ve got to start using video or the tech savvy Realtors are going to eat you for lunch. 

Ancient phone

Admit it! You swore you'd never have a cell phone! 🙂

Even if you’re not in Fort Wayne, Indiana, check out this invitation for yet ANOTHER idea on just how powerful video is, and where you can use it!  It’s for an upcoming FREE class for Realtors – YouTube  101.   YouTube 101 CC pic

For more Realtor marketing, home buying and refinancing tips, please head over to http://www.techsavvylender.com.  🙂

To your abundant success,

Chris Sanderson

Facebook 101 – How to Post a Link on Your Fan or Business Page

25 Feb

My friend Son Huynh asked me to help him put a post on his new fan page wall, so I made him this quick video.  Hope it helps you, too.

Standing Tech Savvy Lender

Chris Sanderson, Tech Savvy Lender

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Tech Savvy Lender’s Heavyweight Champs of the Real Estate Marketing Twitterverse

19 Feb

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of real estate marketing tips on Twitter? 

It took me 8 months to figure out whose style I respect, whose brand I admire, and whose content I can implement right away.  If you’re in real estate and you follow these 15 you don’t ever have to look for information again!

Click on the Heavyweight Champion belt to be taken to my must-see real estate marketing list on Twitter.

Tech Savvy Lender's Heavyweights of the Real Estate Twitterverse

Hootsuite and Tweetdeck make it super-easy to follow a list on Twitter.  You can be following 4,593 but just see what these 15 are Tweeting.  It’s a fantastic way to stay on top of what is happening!

Follow Tech Savvy Lender's List On Twitter

Alternatively, if you’re not into figuring out new ways to follow lists, then just follow these rockstars!!!

  1. @TechSavvyAgent
  2. @MariSmith
  3. @REMarketingTips
  4. @dankellermtg
  5. @AgentGenius
  6. @DarinPersinger
  7. @TechSavvyLender
  8. @Mashsocialmedia
  9. @Trulia
  10. @InmanNews
  11. @GoodLifeTeam
  12. @CoachTomFerry
  13. @RealEstateVAs
  14. @Top_producer
  15. In the comments below, turn me on to someone new – someone providing incredible content specific to real estate social media branding (also calling “marketing”)

And finally, here’s the raw link to go to the list:  http://twitter.com/#!/TechSavvyLender/must-see-re-and-sm-2

You can connect with me at all the usual online places.  Just search “tech savvy lender.”  🙂

And yes, I’m a home mortgage loan originator in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  My “day job” is helping my clients finance and refinance their homes.  I also coach a few Realtors in social media or new media marketing.  See more in the “About” link above.

Taking the Mystery out of Using Facebook as a Page

13 Feb

Taking the Mystery out of Using Facebook as a Page

In early 2011 Facebook made some very exciting changes about how we can interact with our fans now AS A PAGE.  I’ve been busy trying to understand the changes on my own business page.  If you’re a Realtor, Salesperson, or other small business owner, I’ll coach you on what these changes mean to you.

Tech Savvy Lender Chris SandersonIf this helps you, please consider helping me by joining us Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or sharing this post in one form or another.  Comments always warm my heart (and help YOUR Google ranking I might add!).

To your abundant success!

Chris Sanderson

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