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Have HOPE! You CAN turn your life around!

2 Apr

While reviewing my mission statement this morning, I came across this, which I had condensed (back around 2000) from Og Mandino’s “Mission: Success.” Recently divorced, I was living in a 1 BR house, sleeping on a pull-out couch, 40 lbs overweight, and $30,000+ deep in credit card debt. To say I was “struggling” would indeed be an understatement.

Wherever you are and however difficult your circumstances, maintain your hope. You have within you the power to change, to grow, and to take back your life!  I turned my life around and you can, too. You CAN. You WILL.

I used to read this every morning and every evening.  What a FANTASTIC road map for the day.  If you’re struggling I’d suggest printing this off and reading it, out loud, with as much PASSION as you can muster, morning, noon, and night!  Watch what unfolds.


God, I thank you for this day. I will treasure it, for it is all I have. I will remain aware of how little it takes to make this day an incredible day.

I will waste not even a precious second today in fear or hate or self-pity or selfishness. I will turn away from any temptation that might cause me to break my word or lose my self-respect. 

Instead, today I will deliver to my enemies the gift of forgiveness; my opponents, tolerance; my friends, a smile; my child, a good example. Every gift will be wrapped with unconditional love. I know that the world is a looking glass and gives back to me the reflection of my own soul.

The past is already a dream from which I can neither retrieve a single word nor erase any foolish deed. I do resolve, however, that if I have injured anyone through my thoughtlessness, I will not let this day’s sun set before I make amends. Nothing I do today will be of greater importance.

I will not only accept, but embrace today’s challenges. Just as a diamond is polished by friction, I will become more valuable through this day’s adversities. 

God, I thank you for this day. I will treasure it, for it is all I have.I will not fret the future. My happiness does not depend on straining to see what lurks dimly on the horizon but rather on doing what lies clearly at hand. 

God, I thank you for this day. I will treasure it, for it is all I have.

3 Critical Steps To Stop Mr. Grumpy’s Blood From Boiling

24 Jan

Angry customer“Do we HAVE to send Mr. Ticked Off a survey?  His purchase was a disaster and he’s going to let us have it!”

Now we’ve all had a transaction or two that got just plain jacked up, for whatever reason.  Here are some suggests on what to do when things go sour…

3 critical steps to mitigate the damage: 

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY, offer a heart-felt, sincere apology.  Not the “I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused” robotic BS that other companies offer.  That will actually fan the flames.  Instead, a GENUINE, “I’m so sorry,” like you’d offer a friend going through a rough time.
  2. Next, accept responsibility for their poor experience, EVEN IF it was not entirely your fault.
  3. Finally, share what you’ve learned from the experience and what changes you’ll make to avoid a similar situation in the future.

The more we can take responsibility and show genuine concern for the customer, the more likely they’ll forgive us.  The more we try to prove it wasn’t our fault (even if it wasn’t) or (worse yet) to prove them wrong, the angrier they’ll get.  Which do you want, a little humble pie, or them posting how we stink to their 1,500 Facebook friends?

A PRO takes responsibility, apologizes, and builds new checks and balances
into their process to avoid the situation in the future.

Will it work EVERY time?  Of course not, but more often than not, Mr. Grumpy’s blood will stop boiling.  Yes, we may still have an unhappy customer, but we’ll likely avoid a PR nightmare that will cost us all business.

Thanks for reading.  If you find it valuable, please do share, post, like, etc!  I appreciate it!


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